In-House Sedation Dentist

Most dental offices send you somewhere else when you end up needing surgery and sedation, but not us. Steel City Dental Associates performs sedation dentistry right here in Penn Hills, PA, and our neighboring locations. We practice a full range of maxillofacial and oral surgery procedures, ranging from typical wisdom teeth removal to bone and tissue grafts. Our sedation dentist helps with all of them, and is equipped with all of the technology needed to do so.

We’re proud to offer four different types of sedation to our patients, so there’s sure to be one that works for you. Other practices don’t provide all of these, but we believe in giving our patients everything the dental field has to offer. That includes oral, IV, anesthesia, and nitrous oxide methods. Our dentists are experts in each of them and know how to choose the one that works best for you and your procedure.

The Different Types of Sedation

Each sedation method offers its own benefits and drawbacks, and different patients have different preferences. Those who want as little awareness as possible will want an IV method, while nitrous oxide sedation, or laughing gas, simply promotes relaxation and a pleasant feeling. The amount you need depends on many factors, such as the work you’re having done, your pain tolerance, and what you feel comfortable with.

Both laughing gas sedation and general anesthesia are safe and effective with minimal risk of complications. Talk to our dentists about what your concerns and preferences are and we’ll find the method that works for you. If afterwards you start to feel that something isn’t right, call our emergency line immediately.

Convenient Sedation Dentistry

You never know when you or your family might need sedation dentistry, and when the time comes, you’re better off coming to doctors you know and trust. There’s no comfort like knowing that the same people who did your toddler’s first cleaning are going to be removing your teen’s wisdom teeth. There’s no need to find another practice, which spares you having to transfer records or fill out new paperwork. All of your and your family’s dental history will be right here, which helps us prescribe the perfect treatment plan.

You have nothing to fear when you’re working with our sedation dentist. Contact us to find out which method of sedation is best for you.